Board of Directors

The Board of Kavanna House works differently than most boards. The foundation is that we are a loving community of individuals who are deeply invested in our own spiritual formation and, in fact, this is a requirement for being a part of board of directors at Kavanna House. Our dependence is not focused on the individual skills and gifts of each board member but more on the ability to set aside their own desires and listen together for the leading of God. We are a “discernment” board, which means that we make decisions for the current and future direction of Kavanna House based on what we discern God leading us to rather than what we think. We desire to hear God’s voice speaking into the direction of Kavanna House and use a format that supports that. We treasure and value our ability and desire to lean into intentional and vulnerable community with each other.


Sam Miller ~ President



Mike Johnson



Nicole Mills

Nicole is an oncology nurse and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University. She offers spiritual direction at Kavanna House and is a facilitator for The Intimacy Project. Her contemplative journey began several years ago during an extended dark night of the soul. Since rediscovering God, she has been on a journey of (re)becoming who she was before the world told her who she was supposed to be. She serves on Kavanna House's Board because it is a community that ensures others have the opportunity to make similar discoveries.


Roxanne O'Reilly

Roxanne has been with Kavanna House since its inception, and during this time, she has had various roles. She has a passion for helping others unearth their true selves through a holistic approach to emotional, psychological, and physical healing. She is a trained spiritual director and a trained formational prayer caregiver. She attended the University of MD and Lancaster Bible College. Prior to her work at Kavanna House, she worked in various roles in the nonprofit sector with an emphasis on development for more than twenty years. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Diane Sargeant

Diane graduated from Millersville University with a B.S. in Secondary Education and has over 35 years of human resource development experience in health care and manufacturing organizations. In her current role as Senior Director of Organizational Learning and Development, she is responsible for overseeing system-wide organizational development and learning efforts including orientation and education, staff and leadership development and workforce development. In addition to being a part of Kavanna House, Diane serves as a member of the Board of Directors for both PennCares and Jessica & Friends Community, non-profit organizations serving people with disabilities. Diane and husband, Tom, have an adult son, Josh and live in York.

Diane shares this above her personal spiritual journey…I was blessed to grow up in a Christ-centered home which has provided a faith foundation for my life. In addition to many wonderful years in service-oriented church activities, my appreciation for contemplative spirituality was fueled by a spiritual practices program facilitated by Deb Turnow. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be a volunteer Board member as my more recent years have led me on a journey of seeking to experience God in new and deeper ways.


Deb Turnow ~ Founder

Deb is the Founder of Kavanna House and currently serves as the Director of Programming. She teaches several courses. She is a trained Spiritual Director as well as a trained supervisor for spiritual directors. She has a Master's Degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership from Spring Arbor University. Before beginning her work in spiritual formation, she provided therapy in the York area for survivors of sexual abuse.

Deb shares this about her vision in forming the board for Kavanna House...I had a different vision – a vision of creating a community in which the most important trait for each member was that they be on their own spiritual journey. My desire was that each person would have more than just an understanding of the work that is being done here. This is evidenced as each board member engages their own spiritual journey on a deep level – for example, by receiving spiritual direction. It is a pleasure to do life with this group.


Adele Seebold ~ Executive Director

Adele serves as the part time Executive Director for Kavanna House, focused on the administrative and oversight functions for the ministry. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy and a minor in women's studies from Duke University. For more than 20 years, she held various staff leadership positions in non-profit organizations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, with the majority of her career spent working in volunteer management. Adele and her husband Andy have two children, Ben and Grace.

Adele shares this about her desire to be a part of the Kavanna community... Kavanna House was very much a refuge in the storm for me when I began volunteering here in 2013. It quickly became a place where I could share my gifts but more importantly where I could begin the process of reclaiming my authentic self. The board model used at Kavanna House creates the space and place for each of us to be who God intended with no judgment and no hidden agendas.