What Is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an ancient form of strengthening and encouraging one another in Christ (Hebrews 3:13-14) dating back to the Desert Mothers and Fathers. It is a process in which you become more aware of God's presence and activity in your life and learn to respond with your whole being: heart, head, body and soul.

A spiritual director is one who sits with and listens to your story and experience with the expressed purpose of discerning, with the help of the Holy Spirit, where God is present and what God might be saying. Therefore, spiritual direction can be a beneficial process for you if you desire to deepen your awareness of God in your life.

Spiritual direction can be helpful to illuminate the presence of God, not only through the profound experiences you may have but even in the mundane activities of everyday life. It can also be very meaningful if you are disillusioned with your faith experience and desire to reconnect with God. 

Your spiritual direction session may include some exploration of different spiritual practices that may help increase your intimacy with God.

Usually, spiritual direction sessions occur once a month for one hour. If you feel the need to be seen more often in the first couple of months, this arrangement can be worked out between you and the director. The spiritual direction relationship is confidential.


At its core, spiritual direction is...

~ A spiritual process in which you are invited to notice, savor, and deepen your ability to listen to God’s direction for your life

~ A personal relationship characterized by a foundation of mutual trust and respect, warmth, genuine care, honesty, and openness

~ A contemplative, confidential relationship grounded in God-centered, mutual listening to the unique spiritual unfolding in all aspects of your life